A Renew Signature Treatment
Beautyfeye® is a 3-part skin treatment to refresh + rejuvenate the eye contour area, resulting in brighter, more hydrated skin.

Beautifeye® is an incredible aesthetics treatment that has been specifically developed to rejuvenate fine and fragile skin around the eye, by maximising hydration and improving overall skin quality. The eye area is one of the most common skin concerns amongst our patients, affecting people of all ages, but is also one of the hardest areas to teat. The unique Beautifeye treatment protocol  is a pain-free way to reveal and restore your eye contour’s natural radiance, with little to no down time.

Beautifeye contains a mesotherapy cocktail made with hyaluronic acid and 59 other ingredients including amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

What Beautifeye® Does

• Improved skin texture

• Correction of fine lines

• Improved homogeneity, density and elasticity

• Restore radiance to the eye contour area.

Beautifeye® Before and After

Tear Trough Rejuvenation

Beautifeye is an ideal treatment for overall tear trough rejuvenation. Many patients have concerns about this delicate area, however a tear trough filler treatment is not always suitable, and instead a treatment such as Beautifeye will restore and strengthen the area.


3-step protocol


Your practitioner will start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL®, that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the eye.


During the 2nd step, your practitioner will inject into just the upper dermis. The biorevitalising solution contains  hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients (vitamins, amino-acids and antioxidants).

Benefits: an increase of +144% more radiance,  +132% hydration and a 33% reduction in wrinkles


The soothing B3-Recovery Cream and Eye-Recover Mask, are applied at home to complete the treatment.

Apply the Eye-Recover Mask once the skin barrier is completely recovered.

We recommend a course of 3 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart for optimum results.

Benefits of Beautifeye

• Fine lines, homogeneity, skin density, improved skin quality.

• Protocol adapted to all seasons, even summer (exposure to sun, UV rays and freezing temperatures should be avoided at least 48 hours after injection).

How to enhance Beautifeye

• Daily make-up removal with a gentle cleanser.

• Moisturise with suitable daily skincare.

• Wear glasses to avoid extra blinking and muscle contractions which create wrinkles.

• Lymphatic massage.

• Having a diet rich in antioxidants.

Beautifeye® Consultation Cheshire

If you’re considering Beautifeye® treatment for your undereye area, we recommend booking in for a free consultation in our Cheshire clinic. There we will discuss your skin concerns and what results you would like to achieve. From this we can assess if Beautifeye® is the appropriate treatment, and if you are a suitable candidate.

If you’re interested in a FREE Beautifeye consultation in our Cheshire clinic, please Contact Us below.