Renew’s Testimonials

We want our patients to have an amazing experience with us every time they come in so we always provide top-notch customer service from start to finish. You can trust that we will take care of all your needs and make sure you’re happy with the results. We offer treatments that are safe, effective and affordable. Our team of professionals will take care of all your needs with precision and expertise. You’ll be so happy with our services that we guarantee you’ll tell your friends about us!

Gemma, Handforth

“I’ve recently had my first ever lip filler treatment. I had several concerns I wanted to address, including loss of volume in my mouth area, my lip shape and lack of symmetry.

I was incredibly nervous as I didn't want to look overdone or with duck lips. In the safe hands of Kelly, I had no need to worry. Not only did she completely put me at ease with and during the entire procedure, she addressed all of my current concerns and has given me my lips back, which I'm thrilled with.

As a result, I am only now truly aware of the affects peri menopause has had on them, how deflated, thin and mean they were making my mouth appear. Now I have the lips and mouth area I always had, which I'd forgotten about in recent years. I love them, they've completely balanced out my facial features including eyes and nose- and applying lipstick and gloss is a pleasure again.

Thank you to Kelly, for your expert eye and of course, all the wonderful staff at Renew, who are equally professional, warm & welcoming on arrival. I'm so pleased I found you and continue to be delighted with the results of procedures, skincare, treatments and advice.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Renew Medical Aesthetics to those who wish to treat similar concerns and / or who are looking for expert, professional and supportive skincare treatments in a professional, warm and kind environment.”

Jane, Wilmslow

“I am in my mid-sixties and was very self-conscious about my upper arms as the loose skin was beginning to hang in a series of small waves down the top of my inner arms - not a great look! This made me avoid wearing short-sleeved tops, and I was not looking forward to being overly warm in long sleeves during the warmer summer weather. Lovely Kelly (who has a great depth of knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics) was very understanding and suggested a series of radiofrequency treatments to tighten the offending skin areas.. The procedure was very comfortable - and even enjoyable, and I looked forward to my weekly visits. The effect of the treatment has been remarkable - not only is the skin tighter, but the quality is much better! This has given a huge boost to my confidence and I have already bought some sleeveless tops. I would now like to have my whole body done....... . I thoroughly recommend this treatment and this wonderful clinic !”

Julie, Macclesfield

“Really happy with the results of my treatment with Kelly. I was very nervous and unsure of going ahead with the treatment I had discussed with Kelly. I booked to go ahead, then cancelled as I was so worried about it. But after a few weeks of thinking it over, I decided I wanted to go ahead with the treatment. I’m so pleased that I did, I am so thrilled with the results , feel so much happier and find myself smiling so much more. I would recommend Kelly to anyone considering treatments at renew, she is so welcoming, friendly and makes you feel at ease straight away.”

Louise, Stockport

“I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my tear trough fillers. My eyes were starting to look dark and sunken and were ageing me. After discussing my desired look with the amazing Kelly she achieved exactly what I wanted. Friends and family have commented on how 'fresh faced' I look. Kelly's passion for achieving optimal results for her clients shines through every time I see her. The team at renew aesthetics are professional, caring and extremely attentive. I literally skip out after every visit! Why would you ever go anywhere else xx”

Sarah, Macclesfield

“I am so thrilled with the results achieved by Kelly following a recent botox appointment! She understood perfectly the results I wanted to achieve- fresher, more lifted and natural. Ultimately, I didn’t want to look different, just better!

I did a lot of research prior to choosing Renew. I knew I wanted to go down the clinical route, rather than a salon, and wanted a practitioner who understood my needs fully. I can’t recommend Kelly and the team enough; if you’re considering botox, go for it!”

Gareth, Macclesfield

“I have been to Renew Medical Aesthetics a few time’s now and I can’t recommend Kelly and her team highly enough. I would never go anywhere else for any treatments, Kelly is very professional, warm and welcoming and knows exactly what she is talking about. The clinic is absolutely spotless and all COVID regulations are being followed by 110% Kelly and her team are like friends very down to earth professional lovely people that make you feel very welcome and relaxed.”

Anonymous, Congleton

“Ok so I’d tried all the anti ageing facials offered by beauticians, which although relaxing, didn’t achieve any noticeable results.
There was no way I would go down the route of plastic surgery as too expensive and besides which I’m a big wuss! So I decided to try the non surgical route and Kelly and her team in Gawsworth fitted the bill perfectly. The premises are spotless, COVID secure and so relaxing.

Kelly herself is fantastic, she is a fully trained, experienced aesthetic nurse who listens to what you would like, advises where necessary and works out the best plan for your treatment.

She never over does it so that the looks achieved are so natural, my friend couldn’t get over my fresh, new appearance after Botox and a face lift in 5 treatment. I highly recommend Kelly and her team at Renew Medical Aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed.”

Natalie, Congleton

“I sought out Kelly’s services last September to prepare for my wedding in the October. I had reached the point where those fine lines around the eye and forehead area were starting to bother me and become quite noticeable in photos.

Being a little scared of needles I was apprehensive about having botox but I can honestly say I have no idea why I had that apprehension. From my first consult with Kelly I felt relaxed, calm and confident about my decision. Kelly totally put me at ease with her kind and bubbly personality. I had botox in two areas, and the pain was no worse than having a vaccination. Kelly made sure I was relaxed the whole time and kept chatting to me throughout the treatment.

I couldn’t believe the AMAZING difference just one treatment made, I was absolutely thrilled with the results! I had my second treatment a couple of weeks before the big day, Kelly and her team made sure I had my appointment well within time and the results just added to the already incredible ones from my first treatment. I felt so confident and refreshed and ready for my wedding. The day went smoothly (even with Covid) and I was so happy when all the pictures came through and Kelly had a lot to do with that! If you are looking for a fresh and more importantly natural uplift then look no further. Thank you Kelly for making this Bride feel so special!”

Rachel, Wilmslow

“My LA skin peel worked a treat. After suffering terrible acne during my teens its a great relief to finally have this wonderful product available. My damaged skin looks years younger! Thank you Renew.”

Barbara, Alderley Edge

“I very infrequently write recommendations, but in this particular instance I need to tell all women that are of a certain age and they start to worry about their neck...

I've been going to Renew and Kelly for several years and my trust in Kelly is absolute...she recently recommended a new type of filler in my neck and if you look at the images it is obvious to see what a vast improvement there has been. I am absolutely delighted with the result and will definitely have the procedure again. So don't hesitate ladies, contact Kelly and her wonderful team to discuss further- thank you!”

Anonymous, Congleton

“Thank you so much to Kelly and her team for sorting out my skin. As someone who has struggled for years with acne prone sensitive skin I finally decided to get some help and I am so glad I did. I have gone from someone who wouldn’t feel comfortable unless I had full coverage foundation on to now just wearing spf most days. I know I am in expert hands with Kelly. She has simplified my skincare and recommended treatments which have made my skin look so much better. I trust her completely with my skin and know she will never do any treatment that is unnecessary or would give an unnatural look. It also helps that Kelly and her team are really lovely which puts you completely at ease. I hope to continue coming here for many years and would highly recommend Renew Medical Aesthetics to anyone wishing to have aesthetic treatments.”

Sharon, Bollington

“For perfection go to renew and visit Kelly or Sharon the best in Cheshire!”

Anonymous, Macclesfield

“Having looked after close family members for a few years, I forgot to look after myself. The stresses and strains showed on my face and I lost a lot of confidence and didn't recognise the face staring back at me in the mirror. I couldn't equate it with the person I was inside. I have been a client of Kelly's for a few years now for little tweaks here and there but stepped up my game over the last couple of years. Jawline, a little cheek filler, lips, neck and am now a fan of botox. Had the smallest amount but what a difference. I look like me but a better me. Kelly isn't happy unless you're happy and that speaks volumes. You don't come away looking like you've been trapped in a wind tunnel or with overinflated features but with very subtle procedures, you become a natural and better version of yourself. All of this coupled with a new exercise regime has helped me get back to the real me and given me the confidence to say that I do deserve to pamper myself and take care of me. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Love you ladies, quite simply the best”

Chris, Macclesfield

“I had been researching clinics to go to for the past couple of years as I was interested in having my jaw line defined and treatment around my eyes. After having a couple of consultations with different clinics I then decided to book a consultation with Kelly. Kelly went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, she really knows what she is talking about and is the most honest clinician that i had the pleasure of meeting. (She even advised on what I shouldn’t have done where as other clinics were happy to just go ahead and complete any treatment I suggested!)

After having my initial consultation at the clinic, Kelly advised not to have anything done until I was 100% comfortable – this is something that I really appreciated as I was initially quite nervous! After taking in all the information Kelly had given me I decided to re-book and have my treatment. I decided to go for jaw line enhancement! I was so please that I made the decision to have this done and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I highly recommend Kelly and her team! If you are considering having treatment this is the place to go!!”

Claire, Congleton

“I had been to many clinics before finding this place, and now I’d never go any where else. As soon as I walked in, I was impressed with the calm welcoming atmosphere in the tranquil location.

The staff are so professional: putting me at ease, explaining everything in a reassuring manner and carrying out treatments efficiently. I’ve always been really pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend.”

Rosie, Wilmslow

“After being self conscious about the spots on my chest for years Kelly was the first person to take interest in helping me and prescribed me with some amazing creams! They worked so quickly and within months my skin was completely clear. I was finally confident to wear clothes that exposed that part of my skin after hiding for years. I wish I could add a photo because the before and after pictures are amazing! Thank you so much.”

Sadie, Congleton

“I would like to just spend a couple of minutes to let you know how impressed I was last week with the lip filler treatments I received from Kelly - what a superb professional she is, in fact in the past I have had treatments from Sharon too, who is also fantastic.

Both ladies care so much and definitely go the extra mile to make sure that the treatments are subtle and effective. I will be back again (and again)”

Becky, Wilmslow

“B'tox is my new best friend! Since using Renew treatments my friends and family have commented on how healthy and fresh I'm looking. I love Sharon and her passion for delivering top quality treatments. The results are natural with a flawless finish that will keep me coming back time after time!”

Thea, Bramhall

“After having my 2 adorable children I was left with rather obvious thread veins, on the lower part of my legs. Wearing a skirt or dress suddenly wasn't an option for me and I felt terribly self conscious. Sclerotherapy thread vein removal has worked really well, and after just a few short treatments the veins have significantly reduced. I'm finally looking forward to wearing pretty dresses this summer and showing off my beautiful new legs.”

Anonymous, Macclesfield

“I don't write reviews very often, this may be a long one! However, if you are thinking of having a cosmetic procedure, please find the time to read this one.

I never thought I would get old, have wrinkles and go South but its an inevitability which I wanted to slow down without looking 'done'. I am in my fifties, sporty and active and used to be fairly pretty. I slightly worried about the ageing process I was seeing in my face but not overly concerned or paranoid. Unfortunately, I took the wrong direction and ended up in a minefield.

Without boring you, I went to a qualified doctor as I thought I would be safe and started my journey from hell...

I initially had a small amount of filler and small amount of botox and looked great, or so I thought until I went for a check up and was told I looked haggard, and needed a lot of work! No matter what procedure I had, I was told I needed something else, I fell into a trap, one I thought I couldn't escape from.

I'm a successful businesswoman, Im not stupid, however it just goes to show how someone can entrap you physiologically without you realising it. Unfortunately, one procedure went wrong and I was left disfigured. It was a disaster which I will pay for for the rest of my life until Kelly gave me hope!!

I was recommended to Kelly by a good friend, but I still did my research, took my time and went for a consultation before I considered letting anyone touch my face again...

I went to Renew with a great deal of trepidation and anxiety. Kelly immediately put me at ease with no pressure at all. I was delighted that there was absolutely no hard sell and clear advice. I feel I can speak to her honestly and she is a good listener. I don't feel rushed at my appointment even though Kelly is understandably busy.

Kelly has helped me regain my confidence and looks again. I feel brand new. I don't look like Ive had anything done its so natural. For the first time in a long time, I can look in the mirror without feeling sad. I'm getting complimented again and it feels great.

Kelly knows so much about the anatomy of the face. Kelly is talented, experienced, caring, cautious, affordable and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to freshen up and not freeze up!”

Leander, Prestbury

“It’s not about looking younger for your age or different, it’s about looking the best you can for your age with the person you trust the most with your face and that’s Kelly.

Kelly is warm and friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional and has become my very good friend over the many years of entrusting her with my face. Her passion for the best skincare is next level and she has a genius eye for her work.

I like to try each of the new treatments and I repeatedly return to my favourites each one achieving something different. RF and ultrasound give amazing results, the Facial in 5 is a miracle for tightening, lifting and firming. Hydrofacial and Carboxy Facial for hydration, plumping and glowing and the new Light Box gave my skin a wonderful even glow.

One of Kelly’s greatest skills lies in microsclerotherapy, she treated the back of my knee and all my broken veins are completely gone. I was only telling my girlfriends about it yesterday and highly recommending her once more!

What Kelly offers is the next level in clinical beauty so if you have any worries or fears or are even a little unsure about a procedure you’d like to have then have a consultation, Kelly is the ultimate professional, gives the best advice and is very easy to talk to. She loves what she does and I love the incredible results!”

Nicola, Macclesfield

“After weeks of researching where to go for treatment, I finally decided on Renew Medical Aesthetics. I am so glad that I didn't just go to my nearest practioner. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments and all of them are carried out buy qualified medical professionals. Right from the point of consultation, through to treatment and aftercare I was confident I was in good hands. I have been coming to this clinic for years and can not recommend it highly enough. I have been happy with every treatment I have had, including the cost. The location of the clinic is a bonus, private location, private parking and beautiful surroundings. First class all the way!”

Renew Medical Aesthetics clinic reception