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A Renew Classic Treatment

All ThermaVein treatments at Renew Medical Aesthetics are performed at our Cheshire Clinic by Kelly Saynor (Clinic Director) and Sharon Brown (Clinic Manager).


About ThermaVein

ThermaVein is a clinically proven, safe and permanent treatment that offers the instant removal of thread veins. Regarded as the Gold-Standard for thread vein removal, ThermaVein treatment can also be used for the removal of skin tags, milia, Campbell-de-Morgan spots, as well as facial and leg thread veins.


Free Consultation

To ensure a high level of patient satisfaction, your first ThermaVein appointment with us is a free consultation. During the consultation we will assess the area(s) you wish to be treated and provide any recommendations to you we see necessary. ThermaVein is a permanent treatment, once you’ve had this treatment on specific thread veins, you won’t require another treatment.

Thermavein, red vein removal

How ThermaVein Works

A fast, walk-in walk-out treatment, ThermaVein is a straight forward thread vein removal treatment. The ThermaVein needle is equipped with a polarisation light system and once it is introduced to the vein, sends out a pulse of energy. This pulse of energy seals the thread vein which in turn instantly disappears. This process is repeated along the thread vein until it is no longer visible.

ThermaVein Treatment Areas

ThermaVein is suitable to be used on any part of the body including;

  • Face (usually appear on the nose, chin or cheek area)
  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Often occur in Rosacea

ThermaVein Before and After

The below before and after images are of a few of our patients who we have treated their thread veins in our Macclesfield, Cheshire Clinic with ThermaVein.

ThermaVein Can Also Treat

As well as thread veins, ThermaVein can also treat the following;

  • Campbell de Morgans
  • Spider Nevus
  • Minor telangiectasia on the legs
  • Poikiloderma
  • Milia
  • Small sebaceous cysts
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Sebaceous naevi
  • Syringoma
  • Skin tags
  • All types of warts including common, seborrhoeic, plantar (verruca)
  • Age spots

What Causes Thread Veins?

Thread veins are caused by many internal and external factors including;

  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sun damage
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Obesity

Did You Know?

  • ThermaVein delivers instant results
  • This treatment is both safe and permanent
  • ThermaVein is for men and women
  • This treatment requires no downtime, you can resume normal activities the
  • very same day
  • No side effects; ThermaVein won’t cause any bruising or scarring
  • Thread Veins are more prevalent in women
  • ThermaVein won’t cause a loss of pigmentation in the skin

ThermaVein FAQs

What treatments are available to me?

Thermo-coagulation uses heat produced by a high-frequency electric current to bring about localised destruction of tissues. The thermo-coagulation needle is inserted into the capillary to burst it, dissipating the blood into surrounding tissue which quickly gets reabsorbed by the body. The thread vein will vanish instantly leaving a lighter coloured trace where it was. This lasts for a few hours. In the following days the surrounding area may then appear a little redder and a micro crust will appear on the tiny wounds created. These will fall off and heal within a few days and any redness in the surrounding tissue should go after a few weeks.

What can ThermaVein treat?

ThermaVein is a highly effective treatment for a range of skin concerns, including:

Telangiectasias – spider or thread veins -on the face or body.
Port wine stains – (pink, deep red or purple patches on the skin which are present from birth).

Rosacea – a rash that looks similar to acne, but on a red background.

Spider Naevus – a single red spot with little “arms” coming out from it.

Lentigos – sometimes called age or liver spots. These are similar to freckles, but are usually larger and darker with irregular edges.

Solar Keratosis – bumpy or raised areas of the skin which are also scaly to look at and feel. These are usually found in older people and are associated with exposure to the sun.

Pigmented birthmarks
Some scars and stretch marks

How much does Thermavein™ treatment cost?

Renew’s Thermavein™ treatment prices are based upon the quantity and length of veins being treated.

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