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All microsclerotherapy treatments at Renew Medical Aesthetics are performed at our clinic in Gawsworth, Cheshire by Kelly Saynor (Clinic Director).

To ensure a high level of patient satisfaction, your first microsclerotherapy appointment with us is a free consultation. During the consultation we will assess the area(s) you wish to be treated and provide any recommendations to you we see necessary.

About Microsclerotherapy

Microsclerotherapy is the most common treatment used to treat both spider veins (thread veins) and varicose veins. Although primarily used on the legs, microsclerotherapy can also be used on the body. Microsclerotherapy is a proven medical procedure, has been used for decades and can potentially improve blood flow.

To have the desired effect, more than one treatment is generally required, this will be discussed in your free consultation, treatment and follow up appointment. The number of treatments required is different per individual, the size of their veins and how well they responded to the treatment.

How Microsclerotherapy Works

A liquid chemical solution made up of salt is injected into the spider veins via a needle. The chemical causes the vein walls to swell, stick together, and seal shut. This stops the flow of blood, and the vein turns into scar tissue. The collapsed vein is then reabsorbed by the body allowing the blood to reroute through healthier veins.

This treatment is relatively pain-free, however, some patients may feel slight discomfort lasting a few seconds long upon each injection.

You can return to normal activity right after a microsclerotherapy treatment, however, intensive sports should be avoided for the first 2-3 days.

Veins tend to respond and fade within a few weeks, however, for desired results, more than one treatment is generally required.

Microsclerotherapy Treatment Areas

  • Most commonly the legs

In the case of spider veins situated on the face, we would use Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) or Thermavein.

Microsclerotherapy Before and After

About Spider Veins

Spider veins / thread veins are tiny blood vessels that appear close to the surface of the skin and look like tiny spider webs or small tree branches. These tiny veins are usually found on the legs and face, however, can be positioned on the body also. Spider veins are usually red or blue in colour and don’t bulge unlike varicose veins, however spider veins and varicose veins are sometimes located together.

Many people feel embarrassed and self-conscious of the appearance of spider veins as they can appear unsightly. Spider veins do not cause any health problems but some people prefer to have them removed due to their appearance.

What causes Spider Veins

Spider veins are caused by many internal and external factors including;

  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sun damage
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Obesity

Microsclerotherapy FAQs

What chemicals are used for sclerotherapy?

The spider veins are destroyed by injecting a small amount of a chemical in the vein. The sclerosants is either hypertonic saline or sodium tetradecyl sulphate. The chemical irritates the small vein and causes it to undergo fibrosis and eventually disappear.

Can sclerotherapy be used to treat large varicose veins?

Unfortunately, sclerotherapy is generally used for the very small superficial veins next to the skin. Sclerotherapy is not effective for large veins and requires large amounts of the sclerosants with the potential to be absorbed. When large veins are treated with sclerotherapy, a stronger solution and a higher volume is required. Following the treatment for larger veins, compression hose stockings are usually recommended to be worn for at least 2 weeks. It is best to get spider veins treated in the winter months as one can easily wear stockings.

How many sclerotherapy treatments are required?

It varies from individual to individual but typically 2-4 treatments are required for the best results. In patients with milder cases, 1-2 will suffice. The treatments are more when there are more veins or slightly larger veins.

Do I have to limit any activity after the treatment?

Walking is highly recommended soon after the procedure. But any high activity sports should be avoided for the first 2-3 days.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

There is a little sting associated with each injection. The burning sensation lasts a few seconds. Most individuals tolerate the procedure and do not require any type of anaesthesia. The majority of patients claim that the procedure is much less than painful than what they anticipated.

What happens if spider veins are not treated?

Absolutely nothing. Spider veins are small veins which are entirely of a cosmetic nuisance. They do not form blood clots, they do not ache, and they do not cause swollen feet or pain. One may elect to observe them.

How much does Renew's sclerotherapy treatment cost?

Renew’s sclerotherapy treatment prices are based on the extent of veins being treated and the required number of appointments.

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