A Renew Classic Treatment

Hyrdro-facials are one of the most popular facial treatments available today. The treatment involves combining thorough exfoliation, deep cleansing radiofrequency, Ultrasound and Ion lifting, as well as prescriptive serum and skincare. Skin is left soft, clean, plump and glowing, with no downtime and instant results.

Hydro-facials are highly effective at treating a range of skin concerns, including:

  • Cleans out pores to reduce their appearance
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of aging skin
  • Assists the repairing of sun-damaged skin


Anti-inflammation and Skin Rejuvenation

Particularly suitable for acne prone or sensitive skin types, this will provide intensive relief, rejuvenation and hydration to troubled skin.

Hydro-Facial is a 3 step treatment comprising a deep cleanse, deep exfoliant and deep hydration.

The aim of the treatment is to clear blocked pores, reduce fine lines, improve texture, provide anti-bacterial and acne care, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow while hydrating and nourishing the skin

Hydro-Facial Deluxe

Our Hydro-Facial Deluxe comprises the Hydro-Facial protocol, followed by applying a prescriptive serum and mask to neck and face respectively.

RF, Ultrasound and Ion lifting is then utilized to push the products deep into the skin while activating fibroblasts and stimulating collagen production, skin tissue and muscles thereby giving your skin a healthy glow and a temporary lifting and tightening effect.

We offer 3 distinct treatment options within the Hydro-Facial Delux treatment:


Anti-inflammation and Skin Rejuvenation

Particularly suitable for acne prone or sensitive skin types, this will provide intensive relief, rejuvenation and hydration to troubled skin.


Anti-pigmentation and Skin Rejuvenation

A soothing and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle and anti-pigmentation treatment


Skin rejuvenation and lifting

Delivering anti-ageing properties for an intensive anti-wrinkle and lifting effect whilst soothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Am I a candidate for Hydro-Facial?

The Hydro-Facial treatment is designed for all ages, skin colours and types. Even the most sensitive skin can readily tolerate the HydraFacial treatment. Our Aesthetic practitioners will advise on specific treatment protocols and where appropriate customise the treatment for your personal skin conditions and needs.

Can anyone have a Hydro-Facial?

Treatment is not appropriate for those who:

  • have taken Roaccutane or Accutane within the last six months
  • have an allergy to aspirin, shellfish, or honey
  • have autoimmune disorders
  • are pregnant, or are breastfeeding
  • have had cold sores in the previous month
  • have undergone cosmetic injections in the preceding week
  • have had other procedures to the area recently, such as laser, chemical peels, or waxing
  • have a lymphatic disorder
  • have active eczema, open wounds, or fresh scars on the area.

In addition, it is necessary for all patients undergoing treatment to avoid Retinol and Retin-A products for two days before and after treatment.

How long does a Hydro-Facial treatment take?

We have different types of treatment available, so depending on what you book in for, treatment itself will typically take between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the precise nature of the treatment selected.

Is there any downtime or pain involved?

No, the Hydro-Facial treatment is comfortable and relaxing with immediate benefits. You can return to your normal activities straight away.

How many treatments are needed to see results?

You are likely to see an immediate improvement in your skin after just one Hydro-Facial treatment. Specific skin concerns (for example acne, or pigmentation) are likely to require several treatments for full benefit. For optimum results in the medium to long-term, regular sessions every four to six weeks are recommended, combined with an appropriate regime of medical grade skincare products.

How much does Hydro-Facial treatment cost?

Renew has 2 Hydro-Facial prices, one for the base treatment and one for the deluxe version.

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