4D Lips

A Renew Signature Treatment
The revolutionary ‘4D Lip’ treatment, which has been developed by Renew’s founder, Kelly Saynor. Your lip augmentation is administered in two separate treatments, allowing the mouth’s lip tissue to expand more naturally, and without the fear of looking ‘fake’, ‘duck lips’ or a ‘trout pout’ owing to overtreatment, improper product placement, and/or not respecting the lip's natural shape. This fear is one of the biggest obstacles in understanding that lip augmentation would be an attractive option. The 4D lip is effectively a concept and set of guidelines designed to control what has for too long been a treatment with wildly unpredictable results.

4D Lips, staged lip augmentation, accentuation and rejuvenation
The Treatment

We will assess the four key anatomical areas of the mouth – cupid’s bow/philtrum ride, vermillion border, oral commissures and body of the lip – to create a more tailored and individual look before administering smaller amounts of filler during individual appointments.
You will have your treatment across 2 appointments within 1 month up to 2mls (actual amount discretion of the practitioner).

The Benefits
  • More Natural overall results
  • No risk of over fill
  • No disappointment of under filling
  • Reduce dangers of over swollen tissue
  • More affordable across 2 treatments than paying for 2 full price treatments
The Results

Attention to all areas of the lip, allowing for swelling, correcting size, and shape, across all areas of your lip. Offers much better lip augmentation, with the reassurance that your lips will be what you are looking to achieve.

How much does 4D Lips treatment cost?

Renew’s Signature 4D treatment prices are based upon the amount of product being used and brand.