Profhilo® Body

A Renew Signature Treatment
Profhilo® Body is an incredible injectable treatment, specially formulated to improve sagging skin & skin laxity on the body.
What is Profhilo® Body?

Profhilo® Body is an injectable treatment that works to intervene in the natural physiological process of skin ageing by remodelling tissue and improving skin laxity/ sagging skin. Prohilo Body contains a hybrid of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in the body) that is used in high concentration.

Profhilo Body is used in areas such as:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen

It can also be used on other body areas, including:

  • Hands
  • Decolletage
  • Knees
What is Profhilo® body suitable for?

Profhilo® Body is aimed at targeting the inner, upper arm and abdomen in particular, on skin that has lost elasticity and tone. It can also be used on the knees, hands an decolletage.

It is suitable for most skin types and ages, although this will be formally confirmed during your consultation.

How long does Profhilo® last?

The results from Profhilo® treatments will most often last for up to six months, but results can differ from person to person.

What results can I expect from Profhilo® Body?

After just a single course of Profhilo® Body, which involves two injectable treatments a month apart, you can expect to see the effects of intense hydration and reduced skin laxity. You’ll also notice the reduction of fine lines.

How many Profhilo Body treatments will I need?

An initial cycle of two treatment sessions with a 30-day interval is recommended, followed if necessary, by maintenance treatments.

Pre-treatment advice for Profhilo® Body

There is no preparation necessary prior to having Profhilo Body. But we do have some recommendations to avoid bruising.

Avoid having any alcohol the day before your treatment as this will help to minimise the chance of bruising. Also, we recommend in the week before your treatment, try to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other type of anti-inflammatory medication as this will reduce your risk of swelling and bruising. Ask your medical practitioner for further advice if you have any concerns.

Profhilo® Body aftercare

Profhilo® Body treatment should not affect your daily life too much

We also recommend that you do not go to the gym, or use its facilities like the sauna, steam-room or swimming pool on the same day as treatment. You should also avoid touching the treated areas as this increases the risk of infection.

How much does Profhilo® Body cost?

For cost for Profhilo Body, please get in touch.

Profhilo® Body Consultation Cheshire

If you’re considering Profhilo® Body treatment, we recommend booking in for a free consultation in our Cheshire clinic. There we will discuss your skin laxity concerns and what results you would like to achieve. From this we can assess if Profhilo Body is the appropriate treatment, and if you are a suitable candidate. We may also recommend any other treatments that will help to enhance your results.

Are you interested in Profhilo Body and would like to book an appointment or a FREE consultation within our Cheshire Clinic?