Millia Removal

Renew Medical Aesthetics, Cheshire

Milia is a very common facial skin concern- little white bumps that appear just under the surface of the skin. Often milia will disappear naturally after a few months, but some may require treatment to be safely removed.

While milia itself is harmless, some may feel less confident about their appearance with them.

What Is Milia?

During skin renewal, keratin (a protein in the skin) becomes trapped under the skin which causes it to harden, and form tiny white or yellow bumps on the face.

Unlike whiteheads or skin congestion associated with acne, milia doesn’t form in the pores, rather tiny hair follicles or sweat ducts. 

Milia also behaves differently from whiteheads, as they can’t be “popped” and typically don’t show signs of inflammation.

How To Get Rid Of Milia

At Renew, we use Thermavein to gently and instantly remove milia. Thermavein uses a very thin probe which enables absolute precision in removing the milia. A small burst of energy is delivered through the probe, to remove the milia. Thermavein is a safe and immediate. 

You can read more about Thermavein here.

Additional Treatments

Chemical Peels and prescription-strength tretinoin cream may also improve the appearance of milia, as they promote exfoliation of the surface of the skin, increase cellular turnover and encourage the keratin to become free. Chemical peels and tretinoin are also good for preventing milia in individuals who are prone to the little white spots.

Prescription skincare is also available at Renew Medical Aesthetics through our Nurse Prescribers.

Removing Milia At Home

Trying to remove milia at home will usually cause greater skin problems such as scarring as possible infections. This is because they don’t respond to a simple pimple-popping technique, and they often occur in areas where the skin is particularly thin and delicate, and therefore more prone to being damaged, such as around the eyes and cheeks.

If in doubt, either seek professional help, or leave the milia to work its way out over time.

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