What Is A Polynucleotide Treatment

What Is a Polynucleotide Treatment?

Traditionally when we think of injectable aesthetics treatments, dermal fillers that add volume come to mind. Over the last few years injectables have expanded into treatments designed to enhance the skin, providing deep hydration for visibly plump and glowing skin.

The latest innovation in this area is the injectable skin-booster, Polynucleotides. Promising skin conditioning, mega luminosity and super-hydration, read on to find out why we’re LOVING polynucleotides. 

What are Polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides are biopolymers made from fragments of fish DNA, which are similar to human DNA. This means this treatment is not suitable for patients who are allergic to fish!

What Do Polynucleotides Do?

In a nutshell, polynucleotides target the fibroblasts of the skin, which play a crucial role in regulating skin physiology, as well as repair and healing. This also has the effect of:

  • Promoting skin hydration
  • Increasing collagen synthesis
  • Increasing the number of fibroblasts 
  • Combating damaging free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory

What Are Polynucleotides Good For?

Polynucleotide injections are a fantastic way to hydrate and super-charge the skin’s overall health. Polynucleotide treatment provides many benefits including:

  • Mega hydration
  • Anti-ageing (finelines, wrinkles)
  • Skin repair 
  • Overall skin conditioning
  • Brighten dark under eye circles (in particular for patients who find traditional tear-trough filler using hyaluronic acid makes their eye area too puffy)
  • Strengthen thinning/ crepey skin

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

This will vary per patient, but we recommend approximately 3-4 sessions, 2-3 weeks apart to get the ultimate benefit.

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