What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark under eye circles are a common concern for so many of us. It may be something you’ve always had, suffer from occasionally, or has developed over the years. Make up can often do a good job of covering this, but it’s a pain to keep up every day, and who has the time? In addition, dark circles under the eyes are often accompanied by a number of other eye contour concerns, such a hollowness, wrinkle or puffiness, which unfortunately make-up just can’t cover.
Dark under eyes are one of the most difficult areas of the face to treat with aesthetics. Patients often come to us with this concern and express an interest in tear trough fillers. Whilst this is an incredibly effective treatment, it’s not always the right one. Before treating around the eyes and the eye contour area, it’s important to ascertain the cause of the dark circles, as this will determine the right treatment or combination.
So, let’s take a look at some of the common causes of dark under eyes.


Wrinkles can contribute to under eye dark circles. Under eye skin is especially fragile and thin, but with age and environmental stressors skin here can become even thinner. In addition, natural movement can contribute to these wrinkles, from every day movements such as laughing and squinting.

Tackle this by…

Improving the overall skin quality by increasing collagen and elastin production, as well as tightening the skin.




Natural anatomy can increase your propensity for dark under eye circles. Hollowness and lack of cheek volume (both of which can increase with age) are largely responsible for “tear trough” concerns.

Tackle this by…

Improve overall skin health in the area to increase fullness. If necessary, increase volume further with injectables.


Poor circulation combined with thin(ning) skin can make the under eye area appear discoloured, as the blood vessels below can be seen through the skin.

Tackle this by…

Improve the overall quality of the skin to restore hydration and elasticity, while also boosting circulation in the area.


For some, dark circles are a result of the skin itself being extra pigmented in the under eye area. This can be caused by a number of things, including genetics, skin colour, or environmental factors such as allergies and fatigue.

Tackle this by…

Improving overall skin health, reducing the overproduction of melanin and inflammation.

Dark circles can also be caused by a combination of these.

At Renew Medical Aesthetics, we take a holistic approach with our patients and address the bigger picture. From skin care and collagen production, right through to injectables, we’ll create a tailor made treatment plan for you.

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