How Long Does Filler Last?

How long will your filler last? This is a really common question we get asked, and something we make sure we cover during our consultations.

How long dermal filler lasts really varies, but we’ve put together a cheat sheet of our general guidance.

It’s worth noting that things which affect how long fillers last include: your metabolic rate, how much filler has been injected and where the filler is used.

Lip Filler

6-9 months

Tear Trough Filler

12-18 months

Jawline Filler

9-12 months

Cheek Filler

9-12 months

Nose Filler

9-12 months

Marionette Line Filler

9-12 months

Nasolabial Fold Filler

9-12 months

Following your treatment you’ll be given information on post-care to ensure optimum results.

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