The Benefits of Superficial Botox

Botulinum toxin (BoTN) AKA Botox is a super popular treatment, used for a range of concerns from fine line and wrinkles, to migraines to excessive sweating.
For these treatments the toxin is injected into the muscle to achieve a temporary reduction of movement.
But, did you know that it can also be applied topically in treatments such as AquaGold facial to achieve glass-like, glowing and clear skin? By infusing the toxin just below the skin barrier it won’t affect the muscle and cause “freezing”, but will reduce skin flushing, reduce pore size, regulate sebum production and reduce sweating…all resulting in an unbeatable filter-like visage.


The BoTN molecule slows down the production of sebum, meaning skin is left clearer, with less breakouts and excess oils.


Botox applied topically, such as in our AquaGold rejuvenation treatment, will restrict the small capillaries that can increase facial redness and flushing. This is fantastic for skin concerns such as rosacea  and acne rosacea due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Enlarged Pores + Sweating

Have you ever noticed when you get anti-wrinkle injections the skin quality on your forehead looks incredible? Not just the reduction in lines, but pores become way less visible? This effect can also be achieved with topical application of BoNT too. Unlike in muscles, where it causes it to relax, in smooth muscle like your pores, it causes them to contract and tighten, resulting in glass-like skin.

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