Fat Reduction Treatments

If you know us, you know that the team at Renew love to combine treatments to achieve optimum results. We have a range of treatments in clinic to reduce fat, contour the body and face, and tighten up loose skin. These can be combined into an entirely tailored package to achieve non-surgical results.

Our treatments are able to target many common areas of concern, including:

  • bum
  • thighs
  • tummies
  • love handles
  • top of arms
  • under chin
  • upper abdomen
  • knees

Fat Dissolving Injections

An injectable fat dissolving treatment used to target stubborn pockets of fat that you can’t shift through exercise and diet. This is a super good option for people who already have a good diet and exercise regularly but still have areas that just won’t respond to traditional fat-loss routines.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

If you have a slightly larger area to target, VANQUISH ME is an ideal treatment. It can sit right around the tummy area or right around the thigh (covering both the inner and outer area) while you sit back and relax. So within 4 treatments you can see amazing results, with no downtime.


If you’re looking to target a little bit of fat or cellulite radio-frequency is a great option. It’s also ideal if you’ve lost weight and now want to tighten a little bit of loose skin. We can also use RF all over the face to contour.  Fat dissolving injections can also be used to target under the chin, and then use RF to further tighten the skin.

Viora Reaction, radiofrequency skin tightening, stomach, before and after, 4 treatments
If you’d like more information on non-surgical fat reduction options, get in touch today on 0330 11 8547 or email at [email protected].