Renew’s COVID-19 Measures

Welcome to Renew Medical Aesthetics’s information about our COVID-19 protective measures. We know its a big change, but necessary for the safety of us all. I do hope you have all stayed safe and well and continue to do so. I wanted to let you know what are doing to keep you all safe when you book back in for treatment. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Kelly Saynor

Temperature check

A touchless infrared thermometer will be used to check your temperature on entering the clinic.


You will be asked a set of screening questions when booking appointments and when entering the clinic.

Covid-19 cleaning schedule

In addition to our already thorough cleaning protocol we've added extra cleaning measures throughout the day to ensure all surfaces and touch points are regularly sanitised. We are also performing a deep clean disinfectant procedure periodically using a fogging machine.

Social distancing

Signage will be visible to encourage the observance of 2m social distancing while in our clinic, with the exception of when you are in treatment rooms.

No cash payments

Payment can only be made by credit/debit card and we will not be accepting cash.


As you know we like to look after you while you are visiting us. So we always offer you hot or cold drinks. During this time, we can offer you bottled water.

Treatments & COVID 19

It’s really important to take responsibility for your decision to have treatment during this unusual period of our lives. It’s important for you to know that we cannot predict how your treatment may react or respond in the future if you have had or do have exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Staggered/spaced appointments

We will be staggering/spacing appointments to limit the number of people in the clinic at any one time.

Booking deposit

We must insist that we take deposits at this time to ensure our appointments are not missed.

No waiting

There will be no waiting area in the clinic. We politely ask you wait in your car until your precise appointment time and then come into the building where you will be escorted safely to your treatment room.

Attend appointments alone

Please come in to our clinic alone for your appointment.

Staff personal protection equipment

Staff will wear masks at all time, face shields, over-sleeves, gloves and aprons when delivering treatments.

Reception safety

We are discontinuing the use of any people literature including appointment cards. Reception will be fitted with a safety screen and only one member of staff will be allowed behind reception at any one time.

COVID-19 consent

When choosing to have a non surgical treatment its important you understand all of the risks especially in the current climate. So we believe its necessary for you to fill out a Covid-19 consent to treatment during this time. It gives us details about any recent symptoms, your travel plans, social distancing etc.

Toilets closed

Our toilets will be closed except to staff or clients having treatments longer than 60 minutes. We can make exceptions for those in need.

Hand sanitiser, face masks and shoe covers

Upon entering our clinic you will be required to use hand sanitiser gel, you will be provided with a face mask (if required) and shoe covers.

Reduced numbing cream service

To reduce the length of appointments, numbing cream will be offered on a limited number of treatments. We can arrange for you to collect the cream and apply before your treatment at home, our front of house team will talk you through your options when you book.

Book multiple treatments where possible

To save you from having multiple trips to clinic (where possible). It might be worth considering having treatments in one session. Examples: A Botulinum toxin treatment and laser hair removal. OR. Dermal fillers and a Botulinum toxin treatment. OR Facial rejuvenation peel or lifting treatment and body contouring

Reduced Dermal Filler Treatments

From July, at least for the first month, we will not be offering dermal filler treatments to the lips or nose-to-mouth lines. This is purely because, during these treatments, we must put fingers in your mouth. I know some will be requiring filler treatments and other than lips and naso's, we'll oblige, but we will be asking you to acknowledge that you understand, we do not yet know how the body will react to dermal filler material if fighting the infection - this is an unknown and is a very hot topic in the medical aesthetics industry right now.

COVID-19 test now available in clinic, click here for details
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