Thermavein® Vein Removal | Renew Medical Aesthetics - Cheshire Clinic
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A Renew Classic Treatment
At Renew Medical Aesthetics we thermocoagulation technology by Thermavein®  for the treatment of red veins on the face.

Spider Veins (also known as Thread Veins) are similar to varicose veins but they’re smaller. They are often red or blue and are closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins. They usually appear on the thighs and ankles and can pose a health risk.

Facial Veins generally appear on the nose, chin or cheek area and often occur in Rosacea.

What treatments are available to me?
Intense Pulsed light – IPL

IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’. Depending on the wavelength setting, this technology is used to reduce skin pigmentation. The light is attracted to dark or coloured areas so this suits fairer skinned people the best. This is a suitable way to treat both brown skin pigmentation (sun damage and hormone related melasma) as well as red skin pigmenation (eg rosacea and fine thread veins).


Thermo-coagulation uses heat produced by a high-frequency electric current to bring about localised destruction of tissues. The thermo-coagulation needle is inserted into the capillary to burst it, dissipating the blood into surrounding tissue which quickly gets reabsorbed by the body. The thread vein will vanish instantly leaving a lighter coloured trace where it was. This lasts for a few hours. In the following days the surrounding area may then appear a little redder and a micro crust will appear on the tiny wounds created. These will fall off and heal within a few days and any redness in the surrounding tissue should go after a few weeks.


The most common treatment for both spider veins and varicose veins. We use a needle to inject a liquid chemical into the vein. The chemical causes the vein walls to swell, stick together, and seal shut. This stops the flow of blood, and the vein turns into scar tissue. In a few weeks, the vein should fade. You can return to normal activity right after treatment.

What can we treat?

Telangiectasias – spider or thread veins -on the face or body.
Port wine stains – (pink, deep red or purple patches on the skin which are present from birth).

Rosacea – a rash that looks similar to acne, but on a red background.

Spider Naevus – a single red spot with little “arms” coming out from it.

Lentigos – sometimes called age or liver spots. These are similar to freckles, but are usually larger and darker with irregular edges.

Solar Keratosis – bumpy or raised areas of the skin which are also scaly to look at and feel. These are usually found in older people and are associated with exposure to the sun.

Pigmented birthmarks
Some scars and stretch marks

How much does Thermavein™ treatment cost?

Renew’s Thermavein™ treatment prices are based upon the quantity and length of veins being treated.